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You deserve an applause. Why? Because unlike so many others, you have decided to take an extra measure for your protection. Every day, unsuspecting people become victims — but not you! No, you thought ahead and prepared yourself to ensure that you would never be one of them. CCW Bags was created to give women the option to carry a stylish bag, while being able to conceal their self defense tools at the same time. We believe that everyone has the right to their safety and in no way should their style be sacrificed to stay prepared and protected.

We give all who would like to conceal carry, stylish and classic bags to tote over their shoulders. Our site is stocked with dozens of finely designed bags, perfect for any occasion! Each model of bag comes with their own custom pocket to conceal your self defense tools. Along with clever areas of storage, some CCW bags also include lock-protected pockets to ensure a maximum level of safety.

Though some of our bags serve for a specific purpose, we also carry a wide-range of standard bags. Each bag in our catalog comes with customized features, such as extra storage, zip pockets, phone storage areas, and adjustable shoulder straps. Aside from this versatility, CCW bags also come equipped with customized velcro pockets to more effectively store conceal-carry items.

We value our customers safety and the safety of those closest to them. For this reason, we install protective devices, such as lock technology, on each of our conceal carry bags. Due to this extra protection, your self defense tools will not be in the reach of your children. Also, because our bags effectively conceal your items, it will not be apparent that you are carrying. After all, your defense tools are meant to be used for your security in emergency situations. By being able to conceal-carry, you will always have an advantage in any threatening situation.