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Reasons To Have Concealed Carry Bags

Reasons to Own a CCW Bag

In this age, we find ourselves face-to-face with great evils and violence. More, than we ever thought possible. However, violence is not new. Violence is just something that has captured our attention much more today than in past years. The truth is, dangers have always been around. The only difference is today violent acts are publicized in the media. It is important to protect yourself. Not just from violence, but from any type of assault. The issue with protection is that most people assume they are safe and that an assault on them is unlikely. Though you may feel safe, many times you can find yourself in a situation that is less than ideal. For example, walking home in the dark is an ingredient for disaster. Even it is in your own neighborhood, it is always a good idea to be protected.


When you don’t give yourself an instrument of protection, you leave yourself vulnerable to bigger, stronger assailants. CCW Bags strives to keep our customers safe by offering them concealed carry bags. With our Roma designed, leather handbags, we give every woman a chance to be stylish and protected. You never want to leave yourself unprotected in a precarious situation. Having a CCW handbag at your side it the best way to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Women have a much higher chance of being assaulted than men. In fact, 90 percent of sexual assault victims are female. Of those females, 54 percent of them are between the ages of 18 and 34. Because of this, it makes more sense that women should have resources to protect themselves. And, they should also have more options for how to store their protective devices.


Because women are often victimized, having a concealed carry bag seems like the best option for them. Having a protective device near, if they need it, is the best way to ensure they will never be sexually assaulted. The only issue with self-defense tools is that they can be dangerous if not used properly. If you don’t know how to use your defense device, you won’t know how to effectively use it. Also, many women how are at risk of sexual assault also have children around them often. Children can be nosey and reach inside their mother’s purse. Our CCW Bags come with lockable YKK zipper technology, which keeps your bags locked and secured. Due to this type of locking feature, you can rest assured that no children will accidentally open the pocket and reach inside your bag. As a parent, it is important to make sure your children as safe, even from your own items. CCW Bags takes safety very seriously. No one should ever be the victim of malicious violence or sexual assault. Because we believe so strongly in safety, we provide women gorgeous leather bags perfect for any occasion. No matter the time of year or event, our bags can adapt to your needs. For instance, on our online store, we have a collection of standard and concealed carry crossbody bags. However, if you don’t want a crossbody bag, we also offer a wide selection in concealed carry shoulder bags and compact purses. Our conceal carry bags are as diverse as our customers and are able to protect you in your time of need.

CCW Bags

Shop our online store to browse our selections. On our store’s site, you will be able to peruse our catalog and find the color and style of a purse that best fits your style. Don’t hesitate to protect yourself from the dangers of the world, stay protected with a conceal carry bag!