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Why You Need A Concealed Carry Tote

Concealed Carry Options for Women

Concealment carry bags are important for women. They keep them safe and protected, and give dubious people a fair warning to stay away. Now more than ever, predators are finding that their days of manipulation and fear are over. In just fall of 2017, famed producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of several accounts of sexual harassment and abuse. Eighty-four women stepped up and made claims against the Hollywood mogul, destroying his reputation and starting the “time’s up” movement around the world. Now, more than ever before, women are vocalizing the inequality and injustice of sexual assault. Though voices have been raised for the vulnerability of women and the disgraceful actions of harassment, it still happens. It may be awhile before women are given the respect they deserve, which is why it is important to be prepared.

The Statistics

In a statistical report, it was published that 54 percent of sexual assault victims are from the ages of 18-34. Of this large percentage, most of these victims are women. It has been found that 82 percent of juvenile victims of assault are female, which means that one in six women are or will be the victim of a sexual assault. With numbers and percentages, this issue becomes more real. More importantly, it makes the need of protection all the more serious. Though every man or woman will not always be a threat to you, it is always important to stay prepared and ready for the worst. When you prepare yourself, you can keep dangers as far away from you as possible.

Our Bags

With an American being assaulted every 94 seconds, it is important that you don’t become a statistic. One way to keep yourself clear of harm is to invest in a protection device. By doing so, you offer any threatening entity a serious warning. Having a protection device close to you will not only give you an opportunity to warn people off, but it is a mode of defense. If, on the chance, someone attempts to harm you, your device can be handy and primed for a defensive strategy. The idea is to distract the assailant just enough to have enough time to get away and call the police. The only issue for most women is, where will they put their defense items that will be safe and accessible in a time of need? At CCW Bags, we offer concealed carry options for women in order to give them confidence and protection in a time of need. We offer our customers genuine leather handbags, both standard and conceal carry. In our concealment carry bags, each have a specialized holster pocket for any defense item.

Lock-Safe Technology

Each of our CCW handbags are equipped with lock-safe technology. This means that every bag has two zippers with a specialized key. Lock-safe technology is the best way to keep your loved ones safe, as well as keeping yourself safe at the same time. With our technology, you never have to worry about the safety of your children and your defense items. Too often, with other bags, there is no way to properly store your items without a child reaching into your bag. At CCW, safety is our main priority, and that includes yours and that of your loved ones around you.

Don’t be a Victim, be a Victor

A CCW handbag does a lot more than just protect a woman; it protects the people around her. By being one of the few prepared and on the defense, you can ensure that no harm will come to you, or your friends and family. Though preparing for the worst isn’t the best way to think, it keeps you vigilant and prepared.

CCW Bags

At CCW Bags, we take pride in our business. We sell luxury leather bags for the safety and protection of women. With our help, you can have an adorable bag that can carry all your necessary items for your life, as well as your protection. If you feel that you are vulnerable, or that your life could use some added protection, shop our online store today! We have wide range of different handbags that can adapt to you and your lifestyle. Also, if you aren’t looking for a conceal carry tote, and just want a nice bag to sport around, we have those too! Visit our online store or contact us today!