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About Us

When you think about it, nothing in life is certain. Anything can happen at any given moment, and without any warning. This can also be said for your personal safety. So, why not be prepared? You may not be able to foretell the future and what will happen in it, but at least you will be able to meet any precarious situation and end up a victor, not a victim.

At CCW Bags, we entrust our lives to a motto of three simple words: always be ready.

We use this motto in everything we do, but we are inspired to use it particularly in the case of personal safety for all. We offer our products because we want to create a mindset of being ready at any moment — for anything. We hope that, by offering our products, we can encourage a new mindset amongst our current and prospective customers in order to put more emphasis on their own personal safety.

We believe that being prepared is not being constantly afraid of what could happen. In fact, being prepared, we believe, means that we realize our own fear and choose to do something about it. By being prepared for the unexpected, it represents our willingness to anticipate a situation, acknowledge our own fear, and take action to overcome it.

It is rare that in life that we are ever given the opportunity to change our situations and our obstacles. That we are able to anticipate a challenge, meet it, prepare for it, and not fall to it. At CCW Bags, we encourage everyone to invest in their own safety, because what lies around each corner is never certain, which is why it is at your advantage to always be ready.

Trust your instincts. Trust your training. Trust your gear.